WTSS Pilot on Command

Transaction monitoring

Prove compliance. Assure that your controls for transaction monitoring are in place and functioning. 

WTSS your partner for transactions monitoring

Do you have automated controls to detect fraud or AML and KYC compliance? Are you seeking evidence that your controls work in your end-to-end customer journeys? The best way to prove you comply is to put yourself on the customer’s side. Verify your controls in the transaction experience in the first person and create evidence that your transaction monitoring works.

Under a strict verification regime, WTSS can act as a customer trying to execute transactions that your systems should monitor or stop.


  • Do all the right alerts go off in case of fraud, AML, PEP or sanctions?
  • Are transactions stopped that should be stopped by our systems?
  • How is transaction monitoring experienced from a customer perspective?
  • Is the procedure in place and is it working after an alert from the system?
  • How is the detection system and procedure performing?
  • Are we compliant with the regulations?

Understand the transaction monitoring experience outside-in

Create evidence of compliance with regulations

Assure that reputation and compliance risks are under control

The perfect pilot customer for any channel

WTSS Global Background

WTSS Online Dashboard

Get real-time insights into the outcomes of your verifications. Set alerts, initiate new verifications or drill down on errors found in your transaction journeys. It is all available at your fingertips.