SERVICE LEVEL Determination

Be sure that what you promise in your service levels can also be delivered to customers.

WTSS your Service level investigator

Do transactions sometimes miss the cut-off? Are customers trying to connect, but services are sometimes not available?  Does reporting sometimes take longer? Transactions business is intolerant of unpredictability. Make sure that you eliminate the ‘sometimes’ from your transactions business.

WTSS can help you determine the certainty of meeting service levels. We use our verification solutions to investigate your service-level performance from a customer perspective. 

Typical investigations

  • What are accurate cut-off times for specific transactions from a customer perspective?
  • What are risk factors in certain service levels?
  • What are the receiving trends for reporting?
  • Does the reporting contain the correct references?
  • How is our SLA performance? How is it evolving?
  • When should we be alerted that there is a potential issue?

Obtain a picture of your service levels across your transactions landscape

Data-based evidence of performance from a customer’s perspective

Understand and prioritise risks in service levels for transactions

 Avoid reputation risks or damage to trust relationships

The perfect pilot customer for any channel

WTSS Global Background

WTSS Online Dashboard

Get real-time insights into the outcomes of your verifications. Set alerts, initiate new verifications or drill down on errors found in your transaction journeys. It is all available at your fingertips.