WTSS Business Verification

Business Verification

Be ahead of issues after changes. Verify journeys before your real customers experience them.

Increased availability

Faster time to diagnose

Reduced number of incidents


Are your end-to-end solutions so complex that it is difficult to assure service quality after changes to your production systems? Do you want to ensure your end-to-end journeys are functioning and performing as they should before the customers start experiencing them?

The best way to assure the functioning and performance of your operational delivery is to put yourself on the customer side before the customer does. Verify the transaction experience and assure yourself that your service is ready for flawless operation. WTSS acts as a first customer that can mimic any behaviour you want.


  • Are services functioning as they should after a change weekend or maintenance?
  • What issues or reported incidents can we expect when clients send transactions in?
  • Is the end-to-end journey performing better than before the change / maintenance?
  • Should we inform customers of expected issues?
  • Are we improving change / maintenance performance over time?

Put yourself on the customer side before your customer does

Minimise issues experienced by the customer

Minimise complaints. Structurally grow service availability and uptime

The perfect pilot customer for any channel

WTSS Global Background

WTSS Online Dashboard

Get real-time insights into the outcomes of your verifications. Set alerts, initiate new verifications or drill down on errors found in your transaction journeys. It is all available at your fingertips.