WTSS Pilot on Command

Pilot on command

Use WTSS as a pilot customer to verify your new products or features in production. 

WTSS your perfect pilot customer

Are you launching a new product, adding new features or reconfiguring the way your transaction product is delivered? The best way to estimate the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of your new service is to put yourself on the customer’s side. Live the transaction experience in first person and deeply understand the benefits and defects of your service.

Assure yourself risk-free that your service works as you intend it to work. WTSS acts as a pilot customer that can mimic any customer behaviour you want.


  • Can customers easily onboard to the transaction service?
  • Can customers easily access the transaction service?
  • Is the service behaving as it is intended to behave?
  • Does it also perform under pressure?
  • Is reporting working properly?
  • Does the service also work in the ecosystem of bank products?

Find, instruct and utilise the perfect pilot customer with ease

Instruct and see the customer behaviour you want to see

Measure the experience you are delivering. Real time, no taboos

 Avoid reputation risks or damage to trust relationships

The perfect pilot customer for any channel

WTSS Global Background

WTSS Online Dashboard

Get real-time insights into the outcomes of your verifications. Set alerts, initiate new verifications or drill down on errors found in your transaction journeys. It is all available at your fingertips.