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The go-to research firm for transaction banks around the world providing transaction specific production verification and diagnostic services.

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At WTSS, we are passionate about helping banks provide their customers with the best payment services and experiences possible. We offer the most convenient production diagnostic services, allowing our clients to carry out real-payment transactions and verify the integrity of their services.

We are committed to giving our clients the insights they need to identify risks and make informed decisions about their payment services. Utilising our international retail, business, and corporate accounts infrastructure, we create custom, end-to-end payment service verifications and accumulate data from transactions. We then use this data and our proprietary insights to provide the answers you need.

At WTSS, we are excited to be a part of the journey to make payment services more reliable, secure and efficient. We are proud to be an innovator in providing the best payment services possible, and look forward to continuing to provide our clients with the best diagnostic services available.


How some of the largest transaction banks use our diagnostic services

WTSS Pilot on Command

Pilot Customer on Command

Use WTSS as your perfect pilot customer to test new transaction services in production.

WTSS Early Warning in Production2

Business Verification

Be ahead of issues after changes. Verify journeys before your real customers experience them.

WTSS Business Verification

Early Warning in production

Monitor your end-to-end customer journey and assure high-quality transaction operations.

WTSS Incident Replication

Incident replication

Mimic clients on demand and replicate reported incidents to find root causes with ease.


WTSS Service Level Verification

Service Level Determination

Be sure that what you promise in your service levels is delivered to customers, load or no load.

WTSS Business Verification


Assure that your controls for transactions monitoring are in place and functioning.

Countries Active

Bank accounts

Verifications per month

Automated logins per month

Product launches

Quality assurance for all functional domains in transaction banks

Improve your services with a partner, rather than using your customers as pilot

Assure performance in delivery,  rather than waiting until the client calls

Measure the customer journey as experienced, rather than as believed to be provided

Real payments across the globe

We execute real payment transactions and receive reporting for all payment types across the globe. We have accounts in nearly all EU countries, USA, TR, HK and SG. If we need to cover a specific country that we are not active in yet, we will simply extend our network.

All payment types and related products supported

We can handle any transaction or reporting type. Book-to-book, book-to-bank, cross-bank, credit transfers, direct debits, bulk, real-time, FX, TPP (PSD2) or any other kind you would like to have verified.

Automated tests in Web, App, API and File-based channels

We have four base verification setups: File Transfer, API, Online and Mobile app. You can verify your journeys using one channel or across channels. We automate verifications as much as possible but also support you with specific requests like incident replication or customer mimics.

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WTSS Online Dashboard

Get real-time insights into the outcomes of your verifications. Set alerts, initiate new verifications or drill down on errors found in your transaction journeys. It is all available at your fingertips.